MGH Project Imagine – Community and Patients

Working with our community to create the future of care

What does the future of care look like in East Toronto?

What does hospital care look like in East Toronto in 10 years? What about 30 years? Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) wants to re-imagine what care will look like in the future. We need your help to better understand the needs and concerns of people living in East Toronto.

Who does MGH want to hear from?

We will be asking for feedback from people across our community. We want to hear from:

  • Patients
  • Families
  • Caregivers
  • Community members
  • Healthcare teams
  • Physicians

The Project Imagine Vision

The Project Imagine Vision supports MGH in thinking boldly for the future of healthcare in East Toronto. This Vision is grounded in:

  • Leading the future of acute care for our community
  • Advancing care, and patient and provider experiences through digital innovation
  • Remaining embedded in the community

The Project Vision ensures that planning over the next few years is aligned with the future role of the hospital. It has been developed in consultation with our staff, community members, external service partners, Executive Steering Committee, and Board members. Thank you for helping to shape our future direction!

Michael Garron Hospital: the trusted Heart of the East for specialized and acute care; valued for the high quality care we deliver and as a community partner beyond our walls

MGH Leads the
Future of Acute Care

A trusted 24/7 hospital that delivers diagnosis, treatment and centralized expertise to meet the increasingly complex care needs in East Toronto, as care shifts closer to home.

MGH Enhances Care
through Digital Innovation

A centre of excellence with technology and infrastructure to advance care, patient and provider experience, education and research for community members across East Toronto.

MGH Embedded
in the Community

Hospital care integrated into all aspects of population health, prevention, community and social services, valued beyond health care to meet the needs of East Toronto.

Enabled by:

Our People: A robust and engaged workforce, supported in health equity, wellness, growth and retention

Our Partners: East Toronto Health Partners as a foundation to integrate patient centred care for our community

Our Sustainability: Financial and operating models enable our long-term viability in an integrated care system

How can I share feedback?

We want to hear from people across our community. We have set up different activities where you can share feedback.

Fill out a short survey. Tell us about your experiences with MGH and healthcare in East Toronto.

Share Your Thoughts

Add a sticky note to our virtual whiteboard to share your ideas, thoughts, and questions about the future of your service and care at MGH.

Your valuable inputs will be used to inform more detailed planning of your future hospital.

Share Your Thoughts

Coming soon – mid-April

Join your community partners for a virtual discussion with interactive surveys. Chat with community partners about different themes:

  • Future of Acute Care
  • Digital & Virtual Care
  • Integrated Care & Partnerships
  • Check back soon for more details.

Your valuable inputs will be used to inform more detailed planning of your future hospital.

How will my feedback be used?

We will use your feedback to create a vision and make a plan. Our goal is to re-imagine how we will deliver care over the next 10-30 years.

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